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**the goal of the questionnaire is to get a full scope understanding of your team. please be prepared to block out 1-2 hours of your time to finish this. this questionnaire will be extremely valuable not just in our relationship, but for any future strategy planning you will encounter**

after this quetionnaire, we will be equipped to give you a full scope consultation.

1. about your company
(preferably answered by ceo or co-founders)
selling points
2. identity + branding
**This section is meant for you and your team. Imagine you didn’t need to appease to any specific audience.**
current branding
abstract thinking
If you were to humanize your company, what kind of personality traits would he/she have?
design specifics
3. target audience + competitors
who do you want to reach?
target audience
B2B (if any)
B2c (if any)
general audience
contact lists
lookalike profiles - competitors
use this table to let us know competitors

*Try the “Steel Man” tactic to make sure you aren’t letting yourself off too easy.  Once you have listed differences, view your list from the perspective of your competitors.  What are the best arguments against your competitive advantage?  How do you respond?  Use this method to iteratively develop the most iron-clad list of competitive advantages.

4. distribution - how do you want to reach them?
(Preferably answered by growth market or marketing role)

**Quick Definitions: Owned Media= Profiles and networks owned by the company that you use to distribute content. Paid Media = content that you pay to place (Paid PR, advertisements, etc)**

Owned Media: Provide all currently owned media platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, email blasts, etc).
paid media
5. content - what message do you want to reach your audience?
current content
6. overall marketing strategy
current marketing goals
current marketing scope
Growth Preparation
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