about PrefLogic

PrefLogic empowers everyday people
to raise capital.
They use blockchain and
securities law to build SEC-compliant
Anyone with and idea and
motivation can build an
offering with their tool.


Our objective was to find
a visual identity that speaks
to both the businessman and
the everyday


Imago provided branding
guidelines, including
fonts, colors, logos,
and style guide.


Branding set us up with a
foundation to craft the right
message for PrefLogic.
After extensive research and
collaboration, we came up with
a content strategy to build
digestible content in
different ways.

We made 25 social graphics, 10
infographics, ad graphics,
and a pitch deck.We redesigned the
website, whitepaper,
and sourced a video.


The content all still exists and is
reusable today. It is used often to help
explain hard concepts to incoming
community members.